I've read all of Dan Brown's books and I liked the theme but I hated how flat the characters are. And the plot, which is always the same, and the plot twists which are always predictable. But I simply didn't know anything better on those topics. Then I read the Guardians of the covenant and that's the real deal, especially considering the fact that your Bjorn predates Robert Langdon.
I happened to be in Egypt while I was on the chapter where Bjorn had to go to Luxor, and we were heading exactly there...and then the tombs. It was amazing. I don't think anything really happens by coincidence.
So after this I bought 5 more books of yours, and I'm currently reading Gospel of Lucifer.
I will certainly read all the books from the Bjorn saga. At least them.

You're doing a great job, I truly hope you're a filthy rich millionaire!

Dear Simeon. Thanks a lot for your kind words, I truly appriciate your support! All the best, Tom

Sorry, I forgot: Huge fan of your books, great protagonists, not the superhero-american-style-stuff.
Great subjects !!
Thanks Tom !

Thank you very much! All the best, Tom

When will Lazaruseffekten be translated in English, German, Dutch or Italian ?

As far as I know, no publishing houses in any of these countries have so far expressed interest in the Lazarus Effect. Sorry!

I've just finished the third book of the Bjorn Belto series. Very good! Too bad the other three aren't translated. I might have to learn Norwegian. :))

Dear Dorice. Learing Norwegian doesn't sound like a bad idea. And thank you. All the best, Tom

Hi! I'm from Romania and I've recently bought your novel 'The Gospel of Lucifer' which I can't put down. I was so so happy to discover that there's actually someone else out there to gather in a fiction novel so much genuine and interesting information on this topic.

I have to mention that I call myself a Gnostic, although I was raised as an Orthodox. I even started a whole blog (in Romanian) about all this, with well-documented articles, but, as always, people are reluctant when it comes to topics like God and Satan (unless they discovered something they could use in their own immediate advantage) and it's almost a pity such important information is overseen or considered to be fiction.

I'm still on chapter XII of your novel and I'm not in the least disappointed. Your book is one of the few I truly enjoy lecturing!

Thank you!

Oh, maybe you'd consider writing about the REAL, hidden reason Judas betrayed Jesus. Me and my father usually talk a lot on this topic.:)

Dear Alina. I'm happy to hear that the novel - so far - is to your liking. But hold on: It gets more dramatic! ;-) All the best, Tom Egeland

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