Author and journalist Tom Egeland was born in 1959 in Oslo, Norway. He grew up in the suburb Kalbakken in Groruddalen, north of Oslo's city center, where his parents ran two shops.

As a young teenager he was active in a local youth club for Christians, but he later left the Christian faith.

Egeland attended Nordtvet primary school, Groruddalen junior high school and Oslo katedralskole high school (1975-1979). During high school, he lived for a year as an exchange student in the USA (attending Northglenn high school in Denver and Granger high school in Salt Lake City) in 1977-78. Egeland's American host family were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (mormons).

Egeland worked as a journalist in the weekly magazine Vi Menn (1979-1983) before he was hired as a news reporter by the daily paper Aftenposten. He worked for Aftenposten from 1983 to 1992, as a reporter, news desk editor and night shift editor from 1983 to 1992. In 1992 he was hired by the newly founded tv channel TV 2, working as an editor at the Bergen based tv station's Oslo office (1992-2006).

From 2006, Egeland has worked as a full time author.

Tom Egeland made his literary debut in 1988 with the horror novel Ragnarok about a modern couple trapped in the Norse viking age. In 1993 he published the horror novel Shadowland. In the media thriller Troll's Mirror (1997) he introduced the characthers Kristin Bye and Gunnar Borg - both journalists - who also appear in later books.

His commercial break-through was the novel Circle's End (2001), about the discovery of a gold shrine - The Shrine of Sacred Secrets - containing a 2000 year old manuscript changing the world's perception of Jesus Christ and Christianity. Several years later, critics and readers noted the striking similarities between Circle's End and the international bestseller The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (published in 2003, two years after Circle's End). Egeland has in numerous interviews in Norwegian and European media categorically dismissed any claims of Brown having plagerized him, stating they obviously had the same idea and did much of the same research (and reading the same books) - all by coincident.

Later Egeland wrote the parapsychological crime novel The Ouija Board (2004). The thriller The Night of the Wolves (2005) - about Checken terrorists taking control over a live television debate show - will also be a feature length movie and a tv mini-series. Egeland wrote the script himself.

In 2007 Tom Egeland published two books: The Girl in the Mirror (for young adults) and Guardians of the Covenant, a thriller with the same main character as Circle's End: The albino archaeologist Bjørn Beltø.

Egeland's books have been translated into 24 languages.

Tom Egeland is married and has three children: Jorunn, Vegard and Astrid. The family lives in Oslo, Norway.


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