Hello, Tom.

I'm from Colombia. I bought "Circle's end" at a book fair. It's the first book I read from you. First I was atracted by its title, then I read the back and I liked the sinopsis so I bought it. I love the thrillers and this has cought me. Last night I read until 2:00 am. I'm having a great time reading your book and I hope to read the others. Thank you very much for writing such a good history.

Giovany Arana

Dear Giovany. It's a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking your time to write me. All the best, Tom

Dear Mr. Egeland!
I just read your novel "Lucifers Evangelium", and I enjoyed it the most. One of the best books I read recently. I love your writing. It is very deep and sensitive. It reminds me of my Ray Bradbury, who is one of my favourite writers.
I love the way you describe Bjoern Beltoe. He is so very much alive, and he seems so real and familiar to me.
I really would love to read more books written by you, butI live in Germany, and there it is not possible, because all your works are sold out and no longer available. I managed to get two of them - "Frevel" and "Tabu" (I don't know their original or english titles) - second hand. But apart from them, there isn't anymore.
This is most understandable, because many must love to read books as fascinating and thrilling and beautifully written as yours.
Your last to books have not been published in Germany at all. To me, it is no difficulty to read them in english, but I do regret this nonetheless.
I am writing this message to you, because I want to let you know, how much I liked your novel. And I am really looking forward to read the others, as soon as I can get them.
I wish you all the best.
Yours faithfully, Ilka Lohmann

Dear Ilka. Thank you so much for your kind words! A piece of good news: The Testament of Nostradamus is fresh out (or will be any moment) in German (Random House), so check it out. Again: Thanks a lot for your encouragement, I truly appreciate your support. All the best, Tom

Hey, this is a nice page.
And I really like what you are doing!

Thanks, Thomas. All the best, Tom


Hope you have a very happy season, in company of all your loved ones.

Any news about Lucifer\\'s gospel translated either to English or Spanish?

Greetings from Chihuahua


Hi Monica. Sorry, as of yet, no news from English og Spanish publishers! Merry Christmas! All the best, Tom

Hej Tom

Først og fremmest mange tak for nogle fantastiske bøger!

Jeg vil gerne spørge dig, om du forventer at \\"Nostradamus testamente\\" kommer i en dansk oversættelse?

Mange hilsner og god skrivelyst med de (forhåbentligt) fremtidige bøger!

Hei Claus. Takk for en hyggelig hilsen. Jeg har ikke hørt noe fra mitt danske forlag Rosinante vedrørende \\"Nostradamus\\' testamente\\", så jeg kan ikke svare deg. Men siden norsk og dansk nesten er identiske språk, tror jeg ikke du ville ha store problemer med å lese boken på norsk. Beste hilsen Tom

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