Greetings from your CHihuahua Fan
Hi Tom
I'm so sad because I realize that your books are not being translated either English or Spanish (thinking very seriusly to learn Norsk)
Please talk to your editors I'm sure that I'm not the only one that is waiting to read your books here on this side of the world.

Regards :)


Dear Monica. Two of my books are out in English: Relic and The Guardians of the Covenant (John Murray Publisher). And several are also translated into Spanish (Ediciones B) . All the best, Tom

I live in the United States and found Guardians of the Covenant at a local book shop. When I try to search for all of your others they tell me they can't find any to order for me! Has Kari Dickson translated any other books that I might find somewhere? I would really like to read all of your books. Can't put this one down!

Dear Janet. Thank you for your kind words. Two of my books are out in English. The other is "Relic" (Sirkelens ende). All the best, Tom

Hej Tom,

Mange tak for dine fantastiske bøger.
Jeg følger Bjørn Beltø med stor glæde.
Jeg håber at vi snart for glæden af flere bøger på dansk - ellers må jeg jo købe dem på norsk...

Fortsat god dag.


Hei Ralf. Takk for en hyggelig hilsen. I går fikk jeg beskjed om at Nostradamus' testamente skal oversettes til dansk. Men det tar sikkert et års tid før den er ute. Beste hilsen Tom

Hej Tom
En hilsen fra en dansk fan i solen på Mallorca
Ænser hverken tid eller sted - er med Bjørn Beltø og Monica i din fantastiske historie Lucifers Øje.
Tusind tak for en fantastisk og tankevækkende historie

Hei Christina. Så hyggelig å høre fra en dansk leser igjen - og fra herlige Mallorca. Kos deg! Og takk! Beste hilsen Tom

Hi Tom.
Big fan of yours from Denmark!
I'm having some trouble locating Nostradamus' testamente? I know it's not printet in Danish (damn those Rosinante people!), but I can't find it in English either?
Alternatively, I would be prepared to read it in Norwegian (yes, I'm getting desperate to read more about Björn Beltö!), but I can't buy that version in Denmark.
Any suggestions??
Greetings and much respect for your amazing abilities as a writer!

Ida Arlander

Dear Ida (I do understand Danish). So far the novel is out in Bulgaria (Perseus), Nederland (de Geus), Sør-Korea (Samtoh), Tsjekkia (Euromedia) and Tyskland (Random House). To buy it in Norwegian, I suggest you order it from a web retailer, for instance: All the best, Tom

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